17 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Epic Failures . #3, #5 & #8 Just Blew Me Away Laughing!

Here are some 17 do it yourself epic failures that are close enough, may be? sort of? kinda? 

1.) This one is close enough?

2.) Who wants some nightmare pancakes?84165792

3.) The sleeping reindeer or snail with horns?84165793

4.) Almost got it! 84165794

5.) It’s a dinosaur or a piranha, I guess?84165795

6.) Tears of joy?84165797

7.) Over baked!84165798

8.) Literally Nailed it! 84165799
9.) It melts so fast!84165800

10.) Sweet lips!84165801

11.) This is what you call sunset side up!84165802

12.) Not even close?
13.) It’s Halloween!84165804
14.) Another Halooween Treats!84165805

15.) Before and After Pics84165806

16.) This might be a cactus cake?84165807

17.) Mask of Madness?84165808
The next time you make your own do it yourself idea share it with us.

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