15 Things That Defined 2014

It’s 2015 and we’re all very excited to welcome the new year and look at what lies ahead of us. But as we strain forward, let us not forget the things that came out in the year that has passed and has pretty much defined it for us.

1) ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It began when Chris Kennedy nominated her cousin NY-resident Jeanette Senerchia to do the challenge as a joke. Senerchia was just thinking of donating money but because she didn’t want to be outdone by Chris, decided to do so. And the chain reaction began. Pretty soon celebrities and even your next-door neighbor is participating in the challenge.

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2) Ebola Outbreak. Chaos and panic ensued when the first reported case of Ebola hit the news. While it was initially endemic in West Africa, some countries reported cases of symptoms. Even the U.S was not spared from the Ebola scare.

3) #ThrowbackThursday. Ah, how nice to reminisce the past. People couldn’t wait for Thursday to come so they could post their best (or worst) #TBT photos in social media.

4) Probably one of the health regimens that really exploded in 2014 was this. After kale.

5) Selfie and the selfie stick. People just couldn’t take enough selfies so they invented the selfie stick to take their photos a lot easier. Very smart.

6) Pharell’s Hat. Pharell surprised fans when he showed up in the 2014 Grammys wearing the hat that was a cross between a cowboy and leprechaun’s. Made by Vivien Westwood, it quickly became a trending topic in Twitter.

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7) Photoshopping for Instagram. Kim K., Beyonce and Britney Spears were all guilty of this.

8) Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The year when the spotlight moved from the elder Kardashian sisters to their younger Jenner siblings. Kendall became a runway hit and Kylie began endorsing her own hair extension line.

9) Leaked nude photos of Hollywood stars. When a possible iCloud breach happened, hundreds of sensitive celebrity photos were leaked on the Internet. The issue brought to question the security of the cloud storage and also lawsuits from the affected stars.

10) Taylor Swift. She released a new album and performed at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in December, her second in a row.

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11) Kim’s #BreakTheInternet Photo. A controversial photo of a naked Mrs. Kanye West was shot for Paper Magazine, which they hoped to break the Internet. It did on so many levels and left social media buzzing.

12) Chris Pratt. Our favorite superhero Star Lord, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy gave us a new version of Chris Pratt. One with the abs and triceps.

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13) The Interview. A satirical comedy by Seth Rogen and James Franco earned the ire of North Korea as it portrays a planned assassination of the communist state’s leader Kim Jong-un. Before the movie’s release, Sony Pictures was hacked by a group who called themselves, “Guardians of Peace,’ and obtained many sensitive data.

14) Benedict Cumberbatch. This actor from across the pond caught the hearts of so many women as Sherlock Holmes.

15) Those cute smiley faces, hearts and what-nots led the year with being the most used character in social media.

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