10 New Year’s Resolution Any Man Can Do For Year 2015

Most of the time, New Year’s resolutions are for women. But it does not mean that guys out there cannot do the same. Men who would like to change for the better are very much welcome to list how they plan to be a new person this 2015.

For those who have no idea how this goes, or absolutely clueless what they want to change in themselves, I’ve come up with ten things we women want to see more men become of in the coming new year.

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  • Don’t let anyone tell you how you should live your life. Well, unless you’re an unemployed 35-year old still living with his parents, then maybe. But men, you are born to lead. Make your own decisions so you can make your own mistakes and learn your own lesson. There’s just no other way to live your life.
  • Learn to work smart. Plain working hard just does not cut it anymore. You can spend the whole week in the office and still not make progress in your projects. Understand that working efficiently gets more work done.
  • Learn to do household chores. Some of you who are not yet married do not need to live like cavemen. Knowing simple house chores adds charm to any guy because it means you don’t rely on your mother to do things for you anymore.
  • Stop being friends with people who impact you negatively. Their negativity rubs off and you don’t need that in life.
  • Pursue a girl you really like. If you like her, then let her know. Take her out and get to know her better. Stop playing it safe and making a move only if she shows interest. Women worth pursuing are not easy to get.
  • Eat healthy. No, you don’t have to munch on leafy greens the whole day but yes, that may be a good idea too. I meant cutting of junk that does not give you the nutrition you need. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Hit the gym. Those washboard abs and ridiculous triceps cannot be bought. They are the product of hard work. So if you want to score a scorching body, start working out.
  • Support women’s rights. No, it doesn’t mean you have to go out and join rallies (but if you would then that’s totally fine). Women all over the world are abused and taken advantage of by actions of some men. They also suffer from it with the inaction of the rest of them.
  • Focus on what’s important. Not everything in your life is beneficial. Learn to separate what is essential from what is not. It’ll make your life easier.
  • Don’t lose sight of your goals. Sometimes, the pressures and cares of this world tend to bog you down and would make you want to quit. When that happens, don’t throw down your towel. Instead, remember your dreams and why they’re important to you. Then work at it again.

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