When One Cannot Handle Instant Success – The Flappy Bird Story

The game Flappy Bird gained unexpected popularity after it topped both Android and Apple app stores. It became addicting that millions of gamers worldwide could not get enough of this mobile game.

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Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, received mixed reactions when he unbelievably announced that he will pull out the app on all app stores. Details were later explained but several fans did not understand the reason behind his decision.

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Flappy Bird reportedly earned $50,000 from ads daily which made his decision more confusing to disappointed gamers.

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Nguyen explained during one of his interviews that he designed the game to relax gamers and he did not expect how things turned out. It was meant to entertain and not to distract people from being productive.

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He said he had lost interest in sharing the game not only because he could not handle the fame but also because he is concerned about the several users who became so addicted to it. For a simple guy with simple needs, Nguyen’s course of action was to take the game down forever.

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When One Cannot Handle Instant Success – The Flappy Bird Story

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